Who am I?

I am a full stack developer with plenty of years of professional experience. During that period of time, I participated in many projects for different platforms, using a wide range of tools and technologies, mostly the newest and leading on the market. That knowledge let me define the direction of my career path.

When it comes to my leisure time I prefer to spend it at home while cooking or watching football, but I also find hiking as a splendid way of resting.

My Technology Stack

  • React

    A JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Most loved in 2017 and most wanted in 2018 via Stack Overflow Surveys.

  • Node.js

    JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Most popular, most wanted, most beloved framework.

  • Relational databases

    PostgreSQL & SQL Server are most commonly used databases. And MongoDB is most popular from document databases

My projects & experience

Rapid overview of my professional life.

Section is currently under construction, I'm sorry for any inconveniences. For complex and extensive description of projects I participated in visit my LinkedIn profile.

Let's code together!

Are you looking for a contractor for you company, contributor for fancy open source project or just want to talk and exchange experience and opinions about development? Feel free to mail me. Can't wait to hear from you!